Developer Apologizes for Problems in Battlefield 2042

Turns Out Both Fans and Developer Are Frustrated With Games Problems

Battlefield 2042 has had all sorts of problems as of late. While there is an Update 3.2 scheduled on January 20, 2022, and developer Ripple Effect has been attempting to fix the bugs and glitches, fans have been very frustrated. It’s understandable. When Battlefield 2042 premiered in November 2021, it was not the game that fans hoped it would be.

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A fan even reached out on Twitter, asking about two of the problems in-game. One being limited XP,  and the other being the tier 1 progression for the portal. And surprisingly, there was a Tweet back, specifically by the Ripple Effect Studios senior design director Justin Wiebe. And it sounds like he’s not happy either.

Thanks for bringing this up. You’re not wrong! It’s taking us too long to get this resolved. Something that should have been simple is proving to be quite complex. BUT…. Look for an update next week. There will be a phased approach to improving the progression in BF Portal,” he said in his Tweet.

Reception with his candor has been…well, mixed. Some were happy that he was straightforward; some weren’t. Some fans took this opportunity to vent their frustration for Battlefield 2042. Some felt that the game was not finished; some people felt that the problems could be fixed by doing XYZ.

Sometimes though, there isn’t a straightforward solution. Wiebe did point that out in his Tweet and it’s true, sometimes there is a molehill that turns into a mountain when it comes to coding. But it sounds as if Battlefield 2042 is following the trends that have come out in the past few years, what we’ve seen in Cyberpunk 2077, for example, where pressure has made it so the game was released early.

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