Technological Advancements for RIG Pro Compact XBOX Controller

Ahead of the Curve

RIG is a premium brand providing top-tier accessories across the gaming industry, particularly for professional gaming and is known for its quality headsets trusted by gaming enthusiasts, eSports players, teams and coaches worldwide. In 2020, RIG was acquired by NACON, a video game developer and designer of premium gaming accessories, and with the joint partnership, the companies intend to lead the way in developing video game controllers, mice and headsets. On May 20th, NACON along with RIG will launch a unique, technologically advanced controller for XBOX gamers as the controller will be the first to include Dolby Atmos for Headphones. Dolby Atmos sound quality is immense and improves immersion in video games, giving players the cutting edge that is required to stay ahead of the competition. The controller is sleek, compact and offers a wide variety of customization options.

Peter Petrides, RIG VP of Global Sales & Marketing, stated, “We’re excited to introduce the RIG PRO Compact controller to North America, being able to leverage Nacon’s expertise as the #1 third-party controller brand in Europe, means we’re bringing RIG gamers a product that stays true to our brand promise. Which is to develop next generation gear that helps gamers improve their performance.” In noting the applicability to competitive gamers, Mr. Petrides went on to state, ““This is the perfect controller for competitive players who prefer, and play better, using a smaller form factor not available in other elite products, the PRO Compact provides unparalleled levels of customization through its dedicated PRO Compact app. This, coupled with the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, makes it an extremely compelling controller for its price.” 

The PRO Compact controller will be widely available across America at Best-Buy on 20th May and is available for pre-order from Gamestop, Walmart and Target from 5th May. The controller will be available in Canada exclusively at Walmart. Both the PRO Compact White and Black will be available for USD$50.00 or CAN$79.96 and are officially licensed for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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SOURCE: Press Release