Minecraft Dungeons Was Delayed to Ensure Quality

Minecraft Dungeons Will Benefit From Its Delay

During a recent interview Mojang executive producer David Nisshagen explained why Minecraft Dungeons got delayed. The team didn’t want to put added pressure on themselves to perfect the game while trying to meet an earlier release window. Apparently the team could’ve made the initial date but it wouldn’t have been the quality experience that Mojang expects from themselves. While Minecraft Dungeons won’t be releasing this month as expected, the title was only delayed until May. When it releases on May 26th, Minecraft Dungeons will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch and Xbox fans can download it early through Game Pass.

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“We don’t want to stress the teams during this time,” said David Nisshagen. “We could probably have made [the old date] but that probably felt uncomfortable, partially for the team and also for the players, who we couldn’t guarantee would get a good, fun game. So by taking this little extra end time, we’ll have a better end product and happier team which can take pride in it.” While the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected the release date for the game, it’s clear that ensuring a quality experience was Mojang’s primary goal.

Although Mojang hasn’t dabbled much in storytelling, the studio was confident they could tell an interesting story with what they were familiar with. “Everyone is really good at what they do, which is systemic things, building emergent gameplay. So it was quite the challenge, figuring out how to do story in the right way that didn’t require too much reading, or too much text, or that was too complicated. The purpose of narrative here is to set up antagonists, enemies you will defeat, but also what the road there is, what will you do on the way?”

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Source: Eurogamer