Minecraft Gets Two Ray Tracing Demos

Ray Tracing Coming to Minecraft for Xbox One X

While Nvidia showcased its RTX graphics cards and their ray tracing support with a recent Minecraft demo, the game was recently teased using a different demo. The recent demo is apparently the intended Xbox Series X ray tracing showcase but it looks considerably different from Nvidia’s demo. Since both demos feature DirectX Ray Tracing, the recent demo is theoretically the superior version but neither are official yet. Minecraft is available for nearly every platform out there, with constant updates improving the experience.

Minecraft raytracing

According to Mojang, they intend to build ray tracing into the new “Bedrock” engine, but the Microsoft demo and the Nvidia demo look drastically different so it’ll be interesting to see which version Bedrock will become closer to. “We couldn’t be more excited to take advantage of the new ray tracing technology from Nvidia,” said Mojang. “It’ll be playable on Windows 10 with devices that are capable of DirectX R, such as with an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU (and we plan to expand it to future platforms that support DirectX R ray tracing).”

While the Xbox One X may be capable of playing Minecraft at a greater graphical fidelity, the ray tracing demos are showing off the capabilities of next-gen technology with current-gen games. The new Render Dragon engine will produce the new visuals of Minecraft moving forward but there’s no word on when fans can expect the change other than next-gen. Many PC’s are already capable of accelerated ray tracing and a visual upgrade to the game would benefit the PC community but they may have to wait for consoles to catch up.

Which Minecraft ray tracing demo do you prefer? Do you think the official changes will look better? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer