Updates on the PS5 Will Be Easier Than Ever

Fast Load Times Are the Future 

The PS5 has been revealed and fans are losing their minds. This is not unjustified. The next PlayStation has a lot to talk about. Sony’s most recent press conference really took a deep dive into their new console and what it has to offer. Among the many new features and technical marvels, there is one thing that all gamers should be excited about. Faster update times.

PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

The PS5 will be equipped with an 825GB SSD, allowing for much faster download times. To put this into perspective, the PS5 will be able to download new updates and games at a speed 100 times faster than the PS4. Needless to say, this going to save you tons of time. You will no longer have to wait hours for a simple update to a game you are playing. It became all too common you would have to stop playing for the day in order to download an unexpected update. Hopefully, this will no longer be the case.

It looks as though the PS5 is just going to be a much faster and smoother experience. The PlayStation 4 is really showing its age as it gets toward the end of its life cycle. Having quick load times, downloads, and transitions from dashboard to game should be much faster according to what Sony is telling us.

“The potential is that the game boots in a second. There are no load screens, the game just fades down while loading a half dozen gigabytes and fades back up again. Same for a reload, you’re immediately back in the action after you die, and fast travel becomes so fast it’s blink and you miss it,” says Mark Cerny.

Hopefully, the PS5 is able to live up to the hype.