Call of Duty: Warzone Passes 50 Million Players

Over 50 Million People Have Dropped Into Call of Duty: Warzone

According to the official Twitter account for Call of Duty, Warzone has surpassed 50 million players. The free-to-play battle royale game mode has brought back lapsed Call of Duty fans and new fans alike, with content that’s separate from the full version of Modern Warfare. The game mode is a month old and surpassing 50 million players in that short time frame is quite the feat, even for a Call of Duty title. The full version of Modern Warfare is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One now, with season three recently being released to the game.

Modern Warfare Boat

Although Warzone didn’t sneak up on anyone in the know with Call of Duty, it finally released to tremendous success last month and Infinity Ward’s battle royale has already surpassed 50 million players. It’ll be interesting to know where the player count is next month and how many soldiers who were dropping into Warzone tried the free weekend for multiplayer. While PUBG has been the go-to military simulation style battle royale until now, the large map of Warzone and optimized gun mechanics familiar to the Call of Duty franchise may be a significant threat to the PUBG Corp. battle royale.

“Over 50 million players. Thank you #Warzone players for dropping in with us. #FreeCallofDuty,” proclaimed the official Call of Duty Twitter account. With the popularity of Warzone rising and season 3 bringing multiplayer fans back to the game for newer content, it’s no surprise that people remain interested in the franchise that goes back to 2003. While Infinity Ward will be handing the reins to the next Call of Duty title over to Treyarch, it’ll be a tough act to follow whether the follow-up releases this year or next year.

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Source: Gaming Bolt