Looks Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Coming to PC

A Recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video Reveals PC Gameplay

Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally came out exclusively on PS4 on Friday but gamers on other platforms will only have to wait until next April to play the game. The other platforms that the remake will be ported to haven’t been officially announced by Square Enix, however, a recent official video revealed some brief footage of PC gameplay.

At the bottom of the beginning of the video, there’s a small blurb that states, “Gameplay captured on PC”. Though it hasn’t been officially announced, a PC and Xbox One release seems all but confirmed at this point.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you’re a PC or Xbox One gamer who’s anticipating Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to those platforms next year then read our review to learn more about this high-quality remake.

“On the scale of Final Fantasy games, Remake still soars,” the reviewer wrote. “The story is laid out with an auteur’s obsessive eye, every scene plucking the heart strings. the battles are a breezy, yet bloody, affair that never goes stale. The graphics are ridiculous, turning every character into a model-beautiful specter sure to haunt your dreams. More than a steady grasp towards the platonic Final Fantasy ideal, this game achieves something unusual.”