The Search Engine For Steam Receives New Update

Navigation is Now Easier Than Ever

Steam has been around for a very long time. However, for most of its existence, the interface of the service has remained the same since it began in 2003. Recently there was a massive overhaul to the games library as well as the market layout. But now Valve has made some serious changes to the search engine in order to make the lives of its customers much easier.

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The new and improved version of the search engine will allow users to refine their searches to better suit their needs. Previously it could be tough to find a particular game thanks to the massive variety in titles that are offered. Now there are a handful of new filters available, pulling up a game or genre you want is going to be much more streamlined. These new tags are going to be helpful for more than just games, things like mods or marketplace items are also going to be affected. Overall navigation is now easier than ever.

Many of these new changes could be attributed to the rise in popularity of the Epic Games Store, a relatively new online market that has become a direct competitor of Steam. While the budding company is nowhere near Steam in terms of really threatening their business, Valve has made note of them and planned accordingly. Modernizing their site is surely part of a plan to stop users from leaving.

Regardless of the motivation behind these moves, Steam users can rest easy. It was safe to say that the old interface was getting a bit dated and a change of scenery was much needed. Hopefully, Valve continues to roll out new improvements to keeps things from getting stale.