GOG Introduces New and Generous Refund Policy For Games

Return Within 30 Days and Get Your Money Back

The online gaming market GOG will be introducing a new ‘gamer first’ policy that aims to refund customers if they are unhappy with their purchase. GOG will be giving players the ability to return any game within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund. To add even more to this new policy, there is no in-game time limit that will make your game ineligible to benefit. Hypothetically, you put 100 hours into a game of your choice and get every cent back if you return it with the allotted time period.

gog feature

While this new policy might seem like a dream come true, this could quickly turn into a nightmare for GOG. It almost goes without saying that this new system that is being implemented could easily be taken advantage of. There is literally nothing stopping someone from buying a game at full price, playing it for hundreds of hours, then returning in under the new refund policy and getting all of their money back. Not everyone is going to do this, but a lot are. The temptation of free video games is going to be too much to handle for some. Not to mention that players could buy, the game download a DRM copy, and then return it. Essentially getting the game for free.

While this new policy seems like it has very good intentions, it would not be much of a shock if GOG loses money on this new addition to their site. Hopefully, they are able to turn a profit. It is rare that an online distributor is this generous to its users. If this goes south, chances are that we will not see something similar for years to come. If ever again.