Season 10 of League of Legends Has Begun

Riot Games Kicks off League of Legends Season 10 in 2 Days

The new season of Riot Games‘ successful MOBA title, League of Legends, is releasing on January 10th. When the update goes live there will be a soft ranked reset. The ranks of LoL gamers will be based on their performance in the League pre-season as well as through Season 10 placement matches as usual. Seaon 9 lasted roughly a year so it’ll be a while before ranks reset again. League of Legends is available on PC and Mac, where you’ll be about to grind those season 10 ranks up on the weekend.

league of legends season 10

The official League of Legends Twitter account Tweeted days in advance of the Season 10 release by saying, “In 5 days, we break them,” alongside some heart-eyed emojis. League of Legends’ first patch of the year went live today in anticipation of the new season starting on Friday. The new patch introduced the new Champion, Sett and a plethora of new skins for Champions across the board. League of Legends esports has remained healthy for years and Season 9 was no different, reaching 100 million viewers during the last World Championship.

League of Legends has become a cultural phenomena beyond gaming and esports, with The Simpsons recently immortalizing the popular MOBA game in the realm of television. Many of the LoL community contributes to the games’ steady stream of views on Twitch, with many pros streaming their ranked games to their own communities alongside other skilled players and novices. With Season 9 getting so much attention and so many views, it’s likely that season 10 will continue that theme for Riot Games.

Did you play much of League of Legends Season 9? Are you getting ready to rank up in the new season? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG247