Song of Nunu Adventures onto PlayStation and Xbox

A Song of Friendship

It’s time for console players to embark on a journey in the vast League of Legends universe. This time, players will travel to the frozen wastes of the Freljord. Prepare to experience a beloved bond that transcends the space of the Summoner’s Rift. Today, Riot Forge and Tequila Works are excited to announce the release of their League of Legends Story, Song of Nunu, to consoles. Allowing players to step back into the world of Runeterra, this time as the titular character and his Yeti friend, Willump, as they search for Nunu’s mother across the wastes. A  trailer gives players a look at the game and its art style.

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story places players in the frozen land of Freljord. Playing as the titular character, Nunu, players will scour the land looking for his mother, meeting faces from across the League of Legends world. For instance, players will meet  meet characters like  Braum, Ornn, Volibear, and Lissandra. Yet, he isn’t alone. Alongside Nunu is his best friend, and yeti, Willump. As Nunu, players will hike, sled, and explore their way across Freljord. However, it won’t be a walk in the park. Dangers lurk everywhere including blizzards, ferocious wolves and dark magics.

Importantly, players can get a look at Song of Nunu in the trailer for the game. The trailer shows off the art style and gameplay. Check it out below.

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is out now on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Additionally,  players can currently get the game for PC via Steam.