Dota Underlords Playerbase Down Over 80%

Dota Underlords Player Count Has Fallen off a Cliff

Reddit user Sharkylzrod recently discovered that the Steam Charts show that only 5,000 gamers have played Dota Underlords over recent days. In comparison,the Dota 2 auto battlerĀ had a peak of 200,000 users playing concurrently when it first launched back in June according to the Steam Charts. The drop accounts for over 80% of the games players leaving since June which is a bad sign for the game moving forward. The Steam Charts show that Dota Underlords lost its biggest chunk of community in August, when over 21,000 gamers left. Any Dota fans willing to try the auto battler can find Valve’s Dota Underlords on mobile and PC if they wish to help these dwindling numbers.

Dota underlords

Most early access titles utilize the early community to improve their experiences, it seems like Dota 2 fans aren’t happy with the direction of Dota Underlords and the average player count and peak players reflect that. As the months went on from the games release in June, numbers have steadily dropped thousands of players. from June to July, the title lost nearly 18,000 players, from August to September, over 11,000 gamers left the auto battler.

After this point, the decreases weren’t as steep as only around 5,000 gamers left in October and just over 3,000 left in November. The last 30 days have only seen 430 players leaving the game, but that accounts for around 11,000 average players and a peak of around 18,000.


Because the Dota 2 playerbase has been leaving in droves too, it’s not a huge shock to see the auto battler spin off title, Dota Underlords, to see such a huge loss as well. After losing over half a million gamers from the Dota 2 community, the future of Valve’s MOBA is uncertain.

Are you a Dota fan who left Dota 2 or Dota Underlords? How do you think Valve will react to so many Dota fans leaving their community? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG247