Snapfire and Void Spirit are Named as the New Dota 2 Heroes

An Evergrowing List of Heroes

In the six years since Dota 2 launched in 2013, the game has accumulated 127 heroes to play as. With over 40 in each of the three categories (Strength, Agility, and Intelligence), everyone can find someone who is best suited for them. Even still, more are on the way. The International, which is an annual Dota 2 competition, saw the introduction of two new Dota 2 heroes this year. These two are called Snapfire and Void Spirit. They each have a character trailer that tells fans what they are all about.

New Dota 2 Heroes

Snapfire appears to be the ultimate granny; shooter of monsters and baker of cookies. She may be an elderly woman, but she still has some fight left in her. Snapfire is shown baking cookies that buff her allies, but she is ambushed. Enemies try to separate her from her basket of goodies, but her faithful dragon-companion/mount fights back with her. The second hero is called Void Spirit. He is the fourth of the Spirit Brothers, along with Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Earth Spirit. He resides in the void, apart from the mortal plane, where he is all-seeing. But something urges him to finally make his appearance and join the battle.

New Dota 2 Heroes

Both Snapfire and Void Spirit will be part of the Outlanders Update, which will launch in Fall 2019. No specific release date is given, but with August in its final days, there will not be much more time to wait.

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Source: YouTube