Little Nightmares Developer Releases The Stretchers

Tarsier Studios Shadowdrops The Stretchers

Tarsier Studios shadowdropped a quirky co-op action game focused on saving lives as paramedics. Tarsier Studios previously developped Little Nightmares and The Stretchers seems like a big departure from that style and theme. The Stretchers are heroes who are called upon when people are overcome with the Dizzies after being visited by Captain Brains. Missions are replayable and they include bonus objectives and hidden collectibles to discover. The Stretchers is currently available for the Nintendo Switch only but we could see a title like this getting support on other platforms.

The Stretchers

The Stretchers Gamers can work with a friend in co-op or try to control both medics on their own to overcome the physics-based puzzles of each madcap mission. Dizzies can be brought back to the ambulance one by one or they can be strategically stacked to transport many Dizzies at once on a stretcher. There are additional hats, costume colors and furniture for your home base to unlock by exploring mission areas and the world map. The writing includes many one-liners to keep gamers laughing between rescue missions and there are many slapstick situations throughout the experience.

The ultimate mission of The Stretchers is to stop the evil mastermind Captain Brains and the spread of his chaotic Dizzies but the replayability looks like a key aspect of the game as gamers will likely receive a ranking for their rescue performance. Looking to get the highest score is one thing, but the inclusion of cutomization options being unlocked by exploring will keep our scores from getting too high as we explore every nook and cranny in the game.

Will you be trying out The Stretchers or are you more of a Little Nightmares fan? What’s your favorite humorous co-op game to play with your friends or family? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech