Little Nightmares 2 Trailer Reveals a 2020 Release Date

Little Nightmares on the Hillside

2017’s Little Nightmares is getting a sequel next year. A trailer was released earlier this week, which may have been drowned out by all the GamesCom stuff. Regardless, the Little Nightmares 2 trailer looks like the game will keep its creepy look and design from the first game. It also points to new features that expand on its predecessor. A new character, new locations, and new enemies are seen in the trailer. Though it appears that co-op may be an option, that is in fact not true. Publisher Bandai Namco says that players will only be able to control one character.

Little Nightmares 2 Trailer

The new character that is introduced is called Mono, who the player will control. Mono is a young boy who will be working alongside Six, the little girl in the yellow raincoat from the first game. While this would seem to open up the possibility for co-op play like the Unraveled sequel did, Six is going to be computer-controlled. Together, Mono and Six will work their way through the world, solving the environmental puzzles in their way. While the first game took place entirely on a boat, different set pieces from the trailer suggest that Mono and Six will be exploring a wider variety of places.

There is also a motif of tube TVs or CRT TVs with white screens. Maybe these will be found throughout the world like checkpoints or something, similarly to how lantern collectibles were used as checkpoints (sort of) in Little Nightmares. Little Nightmares 2 does not have a specific release date, but will launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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Source: YouTube and GamesRadar+