The Surge 2 Season Pass Adds Story DLC

The Surge 2 Season Pass Includes Story DLC, Weapons and More

Developers at Deck 13 are adding to The Surge 2 with a season pass that includes 13 new weapons, story DLC, gear sets and more. Apparently the new story DLC called “The Kraken” will release in January 2020 with the new weapons, including the season pass exclusive BORAX-I Quantum, will be added to the game in November. The Surge 2 season pass is currently available for $19.99 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

The Surge 2 Symphony of Violence Trailer

The reception for The Surge 2 has exceeded that of the initial installment and developers at Deck 13 have apparently taken notice, opting to further improve the great souls-like experience rather than developing a Surge 3. The Surge 2 featured a plethora of content at launch and Deck 13 has added more content to the game post-launch, including the recent Future Shock weapons pack. One aspect we always felt the game could improve is in the story and we’re thankful that aspect of the game is also receiving some attention. The story DLC takes place in a new area and will have new bosses and enemies to fight.

With thirteen new weapons being added to The Surge 2, we’re looking forward to seeing how well the current arsenal stacks up with the season pass weaponry. The customization in the game and the combat have always been quality and we’re excited to see what will be added to the weapon rotation. These weapons will be complimented by the three new gear sets coming with the season pass, furthering the visual customization potential. What did we think of The Surge 2? Check out our review here!

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of The Surge 2? Are you looking forward to the addition of more content or would you prefer to see a Surge 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt