The Surge 2 to Have Fully Customizable Characters and Side Quests

Here are some of the New Features Coming to the Surge Sequel

The Surge 2 was announced recently, which has fans of the Souls experience hyped and curious. But if it intends to build off the first game, it must offer a harrowing experience against AI once again. According to developer Deck13, we’ll be getting all of that and then some.

Speaking to Hobby Consolas and Deadeye, devs confirmed some additional features coming to The Surge 2. While it was nothing imperative to the experience, Deck13 is promising a fully customizable character. If this facet of the experience also takes after its Souls inspiration, then expect it to be extensive. In the first game, players filled the shoes of an established main character. An additional infusion of RPG will come in the form of NPC side quests. Players will be able to discover these and more in a fully-realized open world with branching areas.

It looks like Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 are going for that seamless experience. Areas will be interconnected in the effort to avoid loading screens. From how it sounds, additional layers to The Surge 2 will facilitate immersion of another level. But, that is all the new info we have so far. Since the team is aiming for an “ambitious” title, there’s no telling what else we can expect.

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