Square Enix Touches on Final Fantasy VIII Remake

A Final Fantasy VIII Remake Would Require Younger Staff

Square Enix director, Yoshinori Kitase recently said during a Famitsu interview that was translated by Siliconera that a Final Fantasy VIII Remake would require a younger development team. With the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the way, is this a suggestion that the development team is getting tired or are out of touch? Not quite. Yoshinori Kitase believes that as younger people experience Final Fantasy games, they can evolve them in interesting ways. Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing in parts, the first of which releases for PS4 on March 3rd 2020.

Final Fantasy VIII

During a discussion about the future of Final Fantasy remakes, Famitsu asks Yoshinori Kitase if it’s possible we’ll see a Final Fantasy VIII Remake one day, to which he replied, “if the youth that inherits the genes of Final Fantasy can step up and do it, I’d like to see it made. For Final Fantasy VII Remake, the project started from my desire to make Final Fantasy VII with today’s technology while I’m still here at Square Enix. So I’d like to see it done by the youth of Square Enix.”

This seems to be Yoshinori Kitase’s way of saying once the Final Fantasy VII Remake is finished, he’ll have nothing more to accomplish with the company as it sounds like one of the final items on his bucket list. We’re looking forward to the upcoming remake of one of the best RPG’s of all time but are wondering the details on how releasing different episodes across different generations of consoles will work. The concept of a Final Fantasy VIII Remake is definitely exciting to us though. Are you curious what we thought of Final Fantasy VIII when it was recently remastered? Check out our review here!

What’s your favorite Final Fantasy and would you like to see it get the Remake treatment like VII? Did you expect Square Enix director, Yoshinori Kitase to be so blunt? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech