Retro Studios Hires Halo Developer

Retro Studios Hired Kyle Hefley from 343 Industries

Retro Studios recently acquired 343 Industries veteran, Kyle Hefley to work as the lead character artist for Metroid Prime 4 and presumably future titles. Kyle Hefley worked for 343 Industries for nine years and his experience with Master Chief will likely inspire a lot of art in the upcoming Switch title. Metroid Prime 4 is still very much in development and won’t have anything to show off in the near future but it will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch

Metroid Prime 4 Retro

Retro Studios has been behind every other Metroid Prime title and the development of Prime 4 was marred with leadership issues at first, initially being a Bandai Namco title. We’re thankful Retro got their hands back on the Metroid Prime franchise and think that Kyle Hefley is a great fit for the developers as well. His nine years of experience with Halo means he’s been with the Chief since Halo 4 which was a significantly better game than Halo 5: Guardians. If you’re curious what we thought about Halo 5, check out our review here!

While we hope Retro Studios is also working on a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster, it’s likely that Kyle Hefley will primarily be working on the new installment in the series and upcoming titles beyond that. Retro is still hiring for other positions on the development team, implying Metroid Prime 4 is looking very vanilla so far.

“I think the main thing is, as people have probably realized by now – we show things when we think we’re ready to show them. And when we think we’re ready to show Metroid Prime, we’ll show Metroid Prime,” Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen said  recently during an interview. It’s clear that Nintendo and Retro Studios are getting gamers ready for a long wait for the next Metroid title as Nintendo also explained that they didn’t want to tease fans at E3 2018 without having a release window in mind.


What’s your favorite Metroid title or series? Which of the Halo titles is your favorite and why isn’t it Halo 5? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech