Rumors Surface About Metroid Prime Trilogy On the Switch

Not A Huge Surprise, But Still

With the big news about Metroid Prime 4, people are pretty ready for another appearance from Samus Aran. Since that isn’t happening for years yet, the idea of the Metroid Prime trilogy on the Nintendo Switch is a pretty tantalizing one. It’s all rumors and hearsay at this point, but that’s enough, damn it.

Metroid Prime 4 Rumors

The source of all this hopeful speculation is Imran Khan, senior editor at Game Informer. He recently posted a Twitter thread offering up some insider details on Nintendo’s development process for Metroid Prime 4. Along the way, there was a morsel or two about the Prime Trilogy being ported to the Switch. It’s not especially concrete, but these are desperate times. Everyone would rather have a good Metroid game than a terrible one, but we haven’t seen a new entry in a good while.

Apparently Prime 4 was being developed by different teams across the world simultaneously. This lead to progress reports that were mixed, to say the least. Leave it to Nintendo to swing for the fences, even when the stakes are crazy high. Among these musings about Metroid’s troubled development process was the assertion that the Prime trilogy port was done and ready to go, though we supposedly won’t see it this year. If that’s the case, Nintendo had better announce something soon. We’re dying out here.