Metroid Prime 4 Is Being Developed by Bandai Namco

Top Singapore Talent Are Working on the New Metroid Prime Iteration

Whatever you expected, know that developer Bandai Namco is bringing the latest Metroid Prime 4 to the Nintendo Switch. It’s been several years since our last Metroid Prime delivered by Retro Studios, and time will tell where this new development team leads the franchise.

Metroid Prime 4 Rumors

Multiple sources confirmed to Eurogamer that Bandai Namco will be the next studio to take on the adventures of Samus. This particular team is based out of Singapore and will assume the lead in a collaboration with Nintendo. Apparently, this studio is even comprised of former LucasArts Singapore devs, members who worked on the canceled Star Wars 1313.

Since Bandai Namco has a great track record, they may prove to be the exceptional choice for this property. Metroid Prime 4 was announced at E3 2017 via the reveal of its logo, but we haven’t heard anything since. All hints suggest it’s in early development and won’t see release until 2019, at the earliest. Furthermore, we don’t know how this installment will differ from its predecessors. But if the latest leaks are instructive, it will persist as a first-person shooter.

Rumors of Bandai Namco’s involvement arose from LinkedIn. Spotted on Press-Start first, staff were unable to withhold their excitement for their current project. Profile descriptions say they’re working on a “secret” and “ambitious title. More importantly, a lead designer revealed they’re were working on an “unannounced IP (first person shooter/adventure exclusive to the Nintendo Switch).” As a result, multiple sites pegged Bandai Namco as the studio behind Metroid Prime 4.

It was following the circulation of rumors that Bandai Namco confirmed their involvement to Eurogamer. If it is the “ambitious” title they say it is, we certainly look forward to witnessing how Nintendo and the Singapore team will innovate.

Happy gaming.