Former LucasArts Dev Shares Star Wars 1313 Canceled Game Art

Lead Artist Delivers Never-Before-Seen Designs

Back in 2012, LucasArts trademarked Star Wars 1313, an in-house action-adventure game set to showcase the gritty side of the Star Wars universe. The project was shelved in 2013, and there’s barely been a whisper of it since. However, the lead artist involved in the project recently made his related work available to the public.

Star Wars 1313

The artist, one Brian Recktenwald, helped bring to life the environments we saw in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 and 2. He even worked as an environment artist in the Tatooine DLC. As he states on his official page, each piece represents the labor of his team.

As for Star Wars 1313, up until now, we’ve only had a demo of the game. But the footage showed enough promise to get many people excited. So, it was a sad day when the project was canceled. Back then, the property utilized the power of Unreal Engine 3 and, to this day, holds up really well. Now, we get to see some of the concepts that never came to life.

You can view the LucasArt Star Wars 1313 images below:

In a way, we’re reliving the gut punch of a canceled Star Wars. Considering the recent shut down of Visceral Games and their linear Star Wars adventure, it seems we just can’t get the epic story-driven game we’ve been hoping for. But with these latest images, some of what could have been lives on. We also have the demo to remember the game by. You can find it below.

To find more of Brian Recktenwald’s work, you can visit his ArtStation here. He is currently doing justice as an environment artist over at Naughty Dog.