Remedy’s Control Gets a Photo Mode in New Update

You Can Finally Take Your Own Pictures in Control!

Control’s latest update finally lets players snap their own photos in The Oldest House. The newly added photo mode has the typical features found in the photo modes of other games: Filters, field of view, the option to hide characters, and changing camera focus.


Additionally, there are ten different filters that can be used in photo mode such as a moody black and white filter.

Here’s a list of photo mode features:

  • Roll the camera by degrees while pointing it at the same subject
  • Broaden or tighten the Field of View
  • Change the Focus Distance
  • Adjust the Aperture and determine the depth of field

Thinking of getting Control? Then read our helpful review first. “Those already on board the Remedy train are going to be googly-eyed with love, but this is a provocative and cerebral story set to crown Remedy with superstar status,” the review’s author wrote.

If you’ve tried it already then what’s your opinion of the game’s photo mode? Which areas of The Oldest House do you plan on taking the most pictures of? Let us know your thoughts on the photo mode in the comments section below the article.