The Coalition Details Gears 5 Roadmap

Gears 5 Will Get Free Content in Quarterly Updates

With Gears 5 Ultimate Edition releasing today and the official launch on September 10th, The Coalition detailed their Operations which will add new free content every quarter. The Tour of Duty will be refreshed in each Operation similar to battle pass concepts where gamers complete challenges to unlock new rewards. They intend to add new maps for Versus and Horde mode with each Operation and add new tiles to Escape Map Builder. Gears 5 will release on Xbox One and PC and is available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

gears 5 vista

Each Operation includes a season long progression system full of free unlockable cosmetic content in the Tour of Duty where gamers will complete challenges to earn stars and seasonal medals as they rank up. Content offered in one Operation won’t be available in the next which is familiar to fans of games with battle pass style systems, encouraging gamers to return every day to maximize their earnings. The Coalition wants Gears 5 to offer new content to gamers every time they level up or earn a medal. They also intend to include major new features and special events with each Operation, constantly giving Gears of War fans something to come back for. The COG Team Heroes are among the unlockable heroes in Gears 5 and will each have their own unique skills and abilities just like the COG heroes who work here.

We really liked Gears 5 and The Coalition’s content roadmap for the game gives us more confidence as it makes the game more valuable. Not sure if Gears 5 is for you? Check out our review of the game to decide if it’s worth picking up or subscribing to Game Pass for.

What mode are you looking forward to playing the most in Gears 5? Which of the Gears of War games is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech