Photo from the Halo TV Show Features Master Chief’s Helmet

That’s One Tall Glass of Ass Whooping

Last week, we got news of Showtime’s Halo series cast growing. Actors have filled the roles of Cortana/Dr. Halsey, Admiral Parangosky, Soren-066, and the new Spartans Vannak-134, Kai-125, and Riz-028. There was also news of a vague plot involving Soren defecting to the insurgents and coming into conflict with Master Chief. This takes place before the events of the first Halo game. Now we may actually be starting to see visual progress being made on the Halo TV show. A photo was tweeted out with Chief’s actor Pablo Schreiber holding Master Chief’s helmet.

Halo TV Show

Master Chief has had a few helmets over the years. In the first Halo game, he wore the MJOLNIR Mark V armour. Through Halo 2 and 3, he wears Mark VI armour, and a different looking Mark VI helmet in Halo 4 and 5. The helmet in the photo with Schreiber most closely resembles the ones in the 343 Industries games. While this is an official image from the Halo Twitter account, this may actually just be Pablo Schreiber holding a mass produced replica. The more and more I look at different images online, the more I believe this is the case. The helmet does not even look like it would fit Schreiber properly. He probably has not even been fitted for any costumes at this point.

A nice touch that the photo includes is the height markers in the background. While most men aren’t 7′ tall, Master Chief is 6′ 10″ without armour and 7′ 2″ with. Pablo Schreiber is probably standing on a box or something for this photo op. Showtime’s Halo will likely debut in 2021, but no official release date is confirmed.

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Source: Twitter