The 10 Best Game Deals on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Today

The 10 Best Game Deals on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Today

The Internet’s a big place – you want to search for the best game deals out there, but you don’t have hours and hours to spend on it. What to do? Relax, and sit back as we at COGconnected bring you all the best game deals for the top consoles, all in one handy list. We’ve saved you the searching, so all you have to do is save and play games. Ah, now that’s the way it should be.


Far Cry New Dawn (Xbox One/PS4) – $34.19 ($5.00 Off)

It’s only been out a short time, but we already found a pretty good discount on Ubisoft’s follow-up to Far Cry 5. Our own Alex Thomas reviewed New Dawn and found it to be a solid addition to the original adventure in Hope County. The location may be the same, but this time you’re battling The Twins after the nuclear bombs have gone off. If you enjoyed Far Cry 5, check this one out and save a bit of money in the process.


Dead or Alive 6 (Xbox One/PS4) – $51.16 ($8.00 Off)

Ok, so Dead or Alive 6 may have toned down the boobs and buns, but this action-packed fighter still delivers lots of fun. Our reviewer Mario Brash said that it’s “incredibly entertaining” at times, and there’s no doubt it looks gorgeous. We found it at $8.00 off right now, so here’s your chance to play it and see for yourself.

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Anthem (PS4) – $46.95 ($10.00 Off)

Ok, Bioware’s hotly-anticipated Anthem might be a polarizing recent release, but it definitely has its fair share of fans. In fact, COGconnected’s Alex Thomas has been having a ball with it. You owe it to yourself to play it and decide for yourself, and at the deal we found on it – $10.00 off – you can’t lose.


Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek (Switch) – $25.94 ($14.00 Off)

This neat little indie game has a brilliant concept – it plays like a video game version of “Rear Window,” where you must investigate your nefarious neighbor (whom you suspect of doing bad things), all while avoiding discovery. Now, you can play it on the Nintendo Switch, and we found it at a whopping $14.00 off the original price. That’s a lot of sneaking for not much money.

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4) – $39.99 ($20.00 Off)

Now let me say from personal experience that this is one game you need to check out, especially if you’re a PSVR owner. While Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown plays great as a normal game, it is simply incredible in VR. If you’ve always wanted to play Top Gun but lacked the cash to buy your own F16, this game is a steal at less than 40 bucks.

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Child of Light/Valiant Hearts 2-Pack (Switch) – $34.76 ($10.00 Off)

This is an incredible deal: you get Child of Light, a critically acclaimed RPG, and Valiant Hearts, a heratbreaking WWI adventure, all in one combo pack for less than $35.00. Either one of these would be a great buy at that price, but put them together and it’s a no-brainer.

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Crackdown 3 (Xbox One) – $44.95 ($15.00 Off)

A huge open world, mindless destruction, unlimited freedom, and … Terry Crews! What’s not to love? This recent release is loads of fun – just ask our man Garrett Drake. And it’s unbelievable that we’ve been able to find it for $15.00 off so soon after release. So you know what? Fuck gravity, and damn the haters – pick Crackdown 3 up and just have some frickin’ fun.


Just Cause 4 (Xbox One/PS4) – $35.91 ($24.00 Off)

Speaking of games with mindless destruction, the granddaddy of them all is the Just Cause franchise. And the latest installment, Just Cause 4, is already on sale at $24.00 off right now (if you know where to look, hehe). It’s got the usual open world sandbox to play in, and it’s cheap enough right now that it won’t blow up your wallet.


Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One) – $48.45 ($11.00 Off)

20 years after the original classic, Capcom has brought back Resident Evil 2 and it’s fantastic. COGconnected’s Michael Chow gave it high praise, saying it’s “about as flawless as one could hope for.” And believe it or not, we found it at over $10.00 off already. Jump on this deal quick, folks, because that’s about as cheap as it’s gonna get for a while.


Hitman 2 (Xbox One) – $34.99 ($15.00 Off)

We at COGconnected love this reimagined take on the Hitman series – and in the words of Michael Chow, it “takes the classic Hitman formula and making it better than ever.” If you haven’t yet played this amazing stealth thriller, you need to take advantage of this deal ($15.00 off) and see what we mean. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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So what do you think? Do any of these game deals catch your eye? Be sure to also check out our other regular game deals, including for PC games and accessories. At COGconnected, we never stop looking for those deals so stick with us!