New Trailer for Ace Combat 7 Shows Off Stunning VR Gameplay

Dang This Game Is Looking Cool

Bandai Namco was kind enough to show a tiny bit more footage of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown at Paris Games Week, this time focusing on the VR gameplay. Suffice to say, this game looks like a great reason to invest in a PSVR system.

Ace Combat 7 vr gameplay

The trailer footage leans hard on the start-to-finish level of immersion at work here, with a couple of shots of the player examining their plane. Following that, there’s some snatches of a take-off sequence and some super intense air battling. All of it looks like the virtual reality element is being fully-integrated into the game. Flight simulation is more or less perfect for VR. You don’t have to move some clumsy human avatar, plus the cockpit perspective gives you that immersive feel with some natural limitations.

On the other hand, if any game is going to give you motion sickness in VR mode, it’s absolutely going to be this one. The combat sections in particular look like they’d be high-powered vomit comets for anyone with a sensitive stomach. We’re still waiting for a release date for this one, but so far Ace Combat 7 is still on track for a 2018 release. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below. Even with the PS4’s limitations on resolution in VR mode, this still looks like an authentic flight sim experience.

SOURCE: Press Release