Take a Peek At The Illustrious & Spicy Cosplay of Jean WanWan

Jean WanWan Cosplay Feature (NSFW)

Is it that time already? You know it! There’s no denying that cosplay has had a wonderful impact in various hobbies whether it being seeing your ultimate waifu in the flesh, the craftsmanship of simple and intricate costumes and as well as different depictions of our favourite characters in different settings. Well, this weekend we are highlighting the vivacious and beautiful cosplay of Jean WanWan. As a Cuban cosplayer, Jean has worked hard at her craft and it certainly shows with every post she puts up online. Let’s take a peek at some of our favourite shots of this gorgeous cosplayer.

Jean WanWan

And we start off strong with some beautiful and emotional shots from the classic Evangelion.

Jean WanWan

Honestly one of the most stunning Rei Ayanami cosplays I’ve seen!

Jean WanWan

And Jean makes an even more beautiful Asuka Langley.

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