The Division 2 Leaving Digital Stores After Release

Get It While The Getting’s Good

If you were hoping to purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 at one of the internet’s many digital stores, you should do so fast. It looks the game is being pulled from more or less every digital storefront immediately after it’s released. Only Ubisoft’s official store (and one other, apparently) will be carrying The Division 2 after launch day.

This includes DLC and expansions, by the way. If you want any extra content for The Division 2, you’re going to have to go through Uplay to get it. Even technical support problems will be out of the hands of these retailers. Steam, GMG, Gamingplanet, all of these places are getting locked out.

Interestingly, this announcement doesn’t mention PS4 or Xbox One. So it seems like digital sales will still be possible, just not on the PC. Of all the publisher storefronts, Uplay isn’t… the absolute worst? I haven’t used Origin in a while, but I remember it being pretty terrible. It’s a strange decision, especially on the heels of the other news surrounding the game. Either you can play the strangely bloated PS4 version, the PC Uplay version, or the Xbox One version. Good news for Microsoft, I guess. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is coming out for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One on March 15th.