Early Look At Google Game Controller Predicts Terrible Hand Pain

Please Don’t Make Us Use That

Google is getting into gaming! At some point in the future, at least. While we’re still a ways away from seeing Google’s proper entry into the gaming world, some mockups for the Google game controller did recently show up online. First impressions have been less than stellar.

Google Game Controller

To be fair, this isn’t like, their final product or anything. The image above is apparently the result of someone (Yanko Designs) taking a patent illustration and making it 3D. Still, this is a long way from being something a human being could hold in both hands for more than six minutes. I mean, it’s not all bad.

For one thing, the color scheme is pretty cool. Okay, that’s all I like about the design. Everything else suggests that whoever drummed up the patent drawing doesn’t use controllers, and doesn’t ever plan to, either. The upside is that we won’t have to wait long to see what the controller actually looks like. Google is unveiling their game console at GDC later this month. Fingers crossed that the controller doesn’t give people horrendous cramps after they try and pick it up. Seriously, my fingers hurt just looking at that thing.