PowerA Announces Fortnite Crossover Controllers

A Massive Crossover

Crossover gear is always a welcome surprise. It is a way for fans of a certain game to engage with what they love in a totally different way. Now, players can play their favorite game with a control representative of the game itself. Or maybe they can carry a protective case that represents the game. Of course, given its popularity, its an easy bet that some gamer’s favorite game is Fortnite. Well, there is some good news for them. Today, PowerA is excited to announce a new Partnership with Epic Games to bring a line of Fortnite-themed video game accessories to players. 


PowerA, a global leader in interactive entertainment, is introducing players to multiple Fortnite accessories. Importantly, these accessories span consoles. Of course, this means that players on both Xbox and the Nintendo Switch can enjoy this themed gear. For instance, Xbox players can enjoy a new wired controller. While Nintendo Switch gamers can get their hands on a controller, wired ear buds, or even a carrier case. Additionally, the accessories themselves aren’t the only things players will get with their purchase.

That’s right, PowerA and Epic Games are happy to announce in-game rewards for the crossover purchases. In fact, the purchase of the Xbox controller will provide players with an in-game cosmetic: Storm King Fist Pickaxe. Yet, the Switch players get their rewards as well. The Switch controller grants players the Prickly Axe Pickaxe cosmetic. Additionally, the purchase of the ear buds and carrying case grant two emote: the It’s Complicated Emote and the Rocket Rodeo Emote respectively.

The PowerA and Epic games crossover is launching today. Of course, players don’t have to wait to get their hands on this great gear and can visit PowerA’s website for more info.