Crime: 1997 Will Start Its Shady Business in July

Form Your Gang in Crime: 1997

The video game studio Bad Guys Games has officially announced the release date of their upcoming title Crime: 1997. It will be coming out on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on 22 July 2024. Moreover, a demo version is also arriving on 20 May on Steam for everyone to try out.

In the demo, players will get to experience the story of Chapter 1: The Waterside Gang. They will also learn more about the shady business of Henry, David, Diego, and George. Not only that, they will get the opportunity to visit Newport City through secondary activities and unraveling secrets.

Crime: 1997

Crime: 1997 is an action-adventure game that takes place in Newport City, in 1997. Amidst this metropolis, there lies a web of stories and one of them belongs to the Waterside gang member, Henry Gallagher. After a failed deal, the gang found themselves in a dangerous situation with the authorities as they were associated with Frank Sorvino’s Mafia family.

During this chaos, a new drug surfaces, captivating the entire city, and attracting everyone in the business. Beneath a veneer of mutual respect, a fierce and covert war rages relentlessly.

Plunge into the heart of the urban jungle, a metropolis teeming with vitality, enigmas, and peril lurking at every turn. Newport stands as America’s most treacherous terrain, where the boundary separating morality blurs, and reliance can swiftly lead to demise.