Chromatic Memories Officially Announced for PC

Find Your Hidden Secrets in Chromatic Memories

The small Spanish indie video game studio Perla Oculta has announced their latest visual novel game Chromatic Memories for PC. It will come coming out on Steam and the launch date will be unveiled pretty soon.

The game takes place in the Canary Island in the early 2000s where technology has provided a means to tinker with people’s mind. These people are called painters of memories, and they can access and alter the brains of others.

Chromatic Memories

The story is about Nayara, one of the painters of memories. She wakes up one day, feeling something off in her life. She even realizes that some of the items in her house are missing, and there are things out of place. After a while, she finds out that has been erasing her own past recollections.

Now, she embarks on a journey to discover what she was trying to hide forever. Travel deep in her past, talk to various people in the memories, gather clues and solve this mystery. She also has the ability to tie specific memories to emotions and even to different points in time.

Nayara is also able to craft new colors using pigments via minigames that will help players remember certain passages of her life. Or to visit events that happened at the same location but in different moments. Searching for the contacts of individuals she hasn’t connected with lately could aid her in reconnecting with old acquaintances who might possess crucial information regarding her sudden memory loss.