EVERING Is Coming Out of Early Access This Month

Join the Adventure in EVERING

It’s almost time to shape your destiny. The indie game studio Purpure Studio is proud to announce the full release date for EVERING. After more than 3 years in Early Access, the game is finally coming out on 28 February. Take a look at the release trailer below to get a glimpse of the adventures awaiting your arrival.

EVERING is a turn-based RPG adventure game with witty dialogues and charismatic characters. The game takes place in a completely new and detailed world and tells the story of Eldar, Prince of Onnya. He is obsessed with finding the origin of a legend and has invested his life in it, often ignoring his royal duties.

He soon realizes that everything around him is connected and ultimately discovers something that he never imagined. Joining him in his adventure is Lue, a powerful and overprotective witch. Jövla, a mysterious wanderer skilled with daggers, Laric, an apprentice alchemist with a lot of potential but very little self-esteem and Qibayn, an artist in constant search of inspiration.

The game features a colorful pixel art style, amazing characters, and a wide range of unique scenarios. It is a love letter to classic games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Earthbound.

Key features:

– 25+ hours of gameplay
– Play in English or Spanish
– Great balance between drama and comedy
– A wide variety of towns and dungeons to explore
– Fight unique enemies and bosses in turn-based combat
– Meet a bunch of peculiar characters
– Find lots of lore books that build a detail-rich world
– Solve puzzles, side quests, and more!