Kingmakers Bringing Guns to a Sword Fight in 2024

Time to Change History 

To save the future, you’ll have to go to the past. Avoiding a bloody war often requires just a bit of preemptive bloodshed. Luckily travelling to medieval times armed to the teeth with modern weaponry can allow you to do exactly that. Today, publisher tinyBuild and developer Redemption Road Games is happy to announce their new 3rd person shooter strategy game, Kingmakers, is releasing to early access in 2024. Inviting players to travel back to medieval England, players will jump into massive tactical battles where opposing armies of medieval soldiers clash. However, players are arriving to this era fully loaded with modern weaponry including attach helicopters. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of the battles that await.¬†


Kingmakers allows players to change the course of history. Tossing them into a massive war set in England 500 years ago, players arrive to help one side win the war and change the world forever. However, there is one little catch. Players will be able to use modern technology as they lead their forces on the battlefield. This includes guns, choppers, trucks, bikes, air strikes, and more. Importantly, the game combines third-person shooter elements with strategy simulation. This means while players are gunning down the enemy, they can issue commands to their own forces while they try to turn the tide. For instance, players can swap seamlessly between fighting and commanding troops to build fortifications, engage columns of hostiles, and more. Furthermore, players can even engage in co-op with up to three other friends.

Of course, players can get a look at Kingmakers in the new trailer. Interestingly, the trailer shows off both the third-person shooting perspective and the command and strategy gameplay of the game. Check it out below.

Kingmakers is set to release on PC via Steam Early Access in 2024.