Sherwood Extreme Shoots Out of Steam Early Access This Month

Laugh in the Face of Danger in Sherwood Extreme

The video game developer CAGE Studios is delighted to announce that Sherwood Extreme is coming out of Steam Early Access on 29 April 2024. The standard price of the game will be $19.99, with support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

Additionally, this version 1.0 will come along with a brand new Level Editor mode and bring back the fan-favorite Chicken Jetpack.

Sherwood Extreme

Sherwood Extreme is an arcade crossbow shooter with bullet-time parkour and ridiculous co-op action. Robin Hood, the master of sharpshooting and parkour, must save the kingdom from an army of silly goblins. Run across colorful environments, chain combos wreak havoc on the enemies, and aim for the top of the leaderboard.

Travel through various locations like castles, forests, volcanoes, and more, each filled with power-ups, traps, and secret unlockables. Unleash your chain-gun crossbow to shoot explosive barrels and blast into the air. Or leap onto your friend’s shoulder for double the chain bow carnage. Survive as long as possible in Horde Mode by eliminating tons of bobble-headed zombies.

Rescue feathery friends, all the while performing crazy combo blitzes to earn extra points. Unlock new costumes, skins, weapons, skills, and the historically accurate Chicken Jetpack. Players can also design their own challenging courses for friends or members of the community to enjoy.

“With 1.0, we’re ready for fans of Sherwood Extreme to showcase their best moments, both silly and skillful,” said Salaar Kohari, game director and co-founder of CAGE Studios. “With the addition of the Level Editor, we expect our creative community to flourish and craft intricate maps for new and returning archers to enjoy.”