Remedy’s Control has Better Side Content than Quantum Break

Every Side Activity Holds a Bonus, for Better or for Worse

Remedy’s Control is something of a spiritual successor to Quantum Break, if for no other reason than its similar style. But, the developer is adding layers to their storytelling formula via the addition of side content.

As part of GameInformer’s month-long coverage, director Mikael Kasurinen spoke at length about Control’s side missions. Throughout the mysterious setting of The Oldest House, players can discover a variety of optional missions and activities. There are secrets about the Hiss, the Federal Bureau of Control, and there are even unique characters in need of help. One example given is a man named Philip who can’t look away from a refrigerator lest something happen.

“The side missions are some of my favorite because they color the world in a different way because you actually get to see some of that,” said narrative lead Brooke Maggs. “They fold into the narrative by introducing you more to the NPCs you discover along the way. So when you meet Helen Marshall [in the main story missions], you do later get to do a side mission that’s a personal favor for her, and then you find out more about her role at the Bureau and what she does and how she heads up specialist teams that takes care of a lot of these paranatural events as they happen.”

Not only do side missions reveal fascinating lore material and power-ups but additional boss fights. Much of what you find can be of great help, later on. So while Remedy’s Control leaves exploration in the hands of the player, by extension, it lets the player dictate the difficulty setting.

“Many of the Objects of Power that are really fundamental and important parts of the game are actually in the side missions,” Kasurinen said. “If the player, for instance, doesn’t get the Shield then what does that mean for combat? It might make certain fights really tough later on because it’s optional. You don’t have to go and get the Shield if you don’t want to.”

Remedy’s Control now has a release date, August 27th. Find it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

SOURCE: GameInformer