Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break Leaving Game Pass, But Don’t Worry!


Remedy Entertainment’s 2016 game Quantum Break has been seen under Game Pass’s “Leaving Soon” list. Oh no! What a tragedy! Not to worry though. It sounds scarier than it is. Remedy Entertainment has addressed why it is leaving, but more importantly, that it will be coming back.

Quantum Break has an interesting concept for a game. Not just the subject matter of an apocalyptic “End of Time” event, but the overall delivery of the narrative. It was riding the beginning of a trend to use high profile actors in video games with both their voice and likeness.

Quantum Break

Part of the reason for this is that the game is a multimedia experience. You play as Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore) during the gameplay sections, but you also watch a live action TV show with other actors. It was a mix of a third-person action shooter and FMV.

Back to the Game Pass news. The reason that Quantum Break is briefly leaving the service is that there is a licensing expiration that must be renewed. Not everything can be frozen in time after all. Remedy has not said when it will be back, but they will let you know if you keep your eyes on them.

Let this be a cautionary tale! Don’t sit on the games you might want to play down the line. They may not always be there when you want them. Quantum Break is available on PC and Xbox One.

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