Alan Wake 2 Could Get a Physical Edition From Previous Publisher

Could Be Fiction

Last week’s PlayStation Showcase showed us all just how good PlayStation fans will be eating in the near future. While some games were notably absent, we did get a good look at Alan Wake 2. As lovely as it looks, one aspect of its release casts a shadow over the game itself.

In the game’s FAQ, there is a breakdown of Remedy’s decision to release the game as a digital-only title. Their reasoning is pretty sound, if not a little disappointing to those who still like physical copies.

Alan Wake 2

They say that many consoles of today are digital-only machines, such as the PS5 without the disc drive and the Xbox Series S. Remedy also does not want to ship a physical game and then require a download to fully activate it. Another reason, which I think all gamers can appreciate, is that a digital-only would help keep the cost down for players. They are expecting to sell Alan Wake 2 for $60 on consoles and $50 on PC.

The FAQ also says there are no plans for a physical release. However, THQ Nordic has reached out via Twitter to say that they would be interested in publishing a physical release of the game. Back when the company was still called Nordic, they published the physical release of the Alan Wake PC version in 2012.

When the game does come out, this gamer is hoping Remedy Entertainment begins crafting a shared universe with its other games. Alan Wake 2 will be coming out on October 17th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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