Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Are Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Remastered Gunplay Goes Portable

Several years after an underrated release, Bullet Storm is reloading on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s not alone. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is a semi-confusing box title that lets everyone one know, you can buy Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem in one package.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Top Screen

Announced during what may become a legendary moment in the annals of PAX East, Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition will arrive sometime during the Summer. No exact release date, but that gives the team enough time to polish the port for a portable escape. Dragon Lake Studio is assisting Gearbox on that front. Their all-in-one package includes full games plus all released DLC. Too much content for your casual fun but just enough for the gun porn enthusiast.

Originally released in 2011, Bulletstorm was remastered alongside Duke Nukem in 2017. Our very own Alex Thomas sang its praises in his review.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a great experience for mature FPS players and is sure to delight. Non-stop, high-octane combat, colorful characters, and slick graphics make it an experience that gore loving gamers can definitely get behind. It carries plenty of co-op multiplayer options, a highly replayable campaign, and some fantastically slick graphical improvements. Adding the Duke Nukem DLC is icing on the cake to what is already a stellar experience.

In related news, Gearbox also announced the long-anticipated Borderlands 3Stay tuned for studio updates as we move further into 2019.