Tonight’s Nintendo Direct Announcements May Have Leaked

Tonight’s Nintendo Direct Could Have a Much Larger Lineup Than Expected

Tonight’s Nintendo Direct is only a few short hours away, and if this leaked list is to be believed, it’s gonna be a pretty jam-packed 35 minutes.

Nintendo Direct Leak

Being a 4chan leak, a spoonful of salt should help the medicine go down, but another post over on GameFAQs is echoing the suggestion that the rumored Star Fox: Grand Prix racing game, Pikmin, and a top-down Zelda related to Link’s Awakening, could make an appearance at tonight’s Direct.

Rumors of Star Fox: Grand Prix first popped up last May, and was allegedly being developed by Retro Studios, who as many Nintendo fans know, just took back the reigns on Metroid Prime 4. There’s also been rumors circulating about the Metroid Prime trilogy making the move to the Switch recently, release dates for Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing, and a hacker recently found a bunch of SNES games in the NES Online code. A few of the others have been circulating as well, but one that sticks out as entirely new information is the idea that Sephiroth could be coming to Smash, which would surely break the internet for at least a couple hours.

We’ll be covering the Nintendo Direct live as it happens tonight at 2pm PT/5pm ET, so be sure to keep it locked to COGconnected!

SOURCE: 4chan, GameFAQs