Kingdom Hearts Armchair Costs a Lot of Munny!

Sora, You Lazy Bum

Though there are only three numbered installments of the series, Kingdom Hearts has a pretty expansive catalogue. Playing any of them to 100% completion is definitely a big time investment. You might as well be spending that time a super comfy, super expensive seat.

Square Enix recently revealed a special Kingdom Hearts armchair. It isn’t an over-produced collage of KH art, but a classy, (imitation) leather, single-seat chesterfield. I could see Riku’s therapist sitting in it. Unfortunately, it only ships within Japan. However, if Sora has taught us anything, it is that rules don’t matter as long as friendship and the Keyblade is on your side.

Kingdom Hearts

The armchair is adorned with black studs in the fabric. The back and arm rests have several familiar symbols on them, including hearts, keys, crowns, Heartless crests, and Mickey’s seal. There is also a metal plaque with the Kingdom Hearts logo on the side.

The chair costs ¥297,000, which converts to about $2130 USD. It weighs just over 40kg and has the approximate dimensions of 100cm x 100cm x 60cm. Shipping something like that overseas would be pretty absurd. Still, there are certain Kingdom Hearts fans (I’m pointing at myself) who would love to have this in their room.

Virtually all Kingdom Hearts games are now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Would you get this armchair if it were available in your region? Let us know in the comments below.