New Metro Exodus Trailer Gives Us a Taste of the Terror That Awaits

Oh Right, Metro’s a Horror Game

During today’s Inside Xbox, a new trailer for the upcoming Metro Exodus was revealed that shows off some of the more supernatural aspects of post-apocalyptic Russia.

The trailer gives us a quick glimpse of a few of the environments we’ll explore in Artyom’s latest chapter before getting down and dirty with some of the series’ more supernatural baddies. Developer 4A Games and Deep Silver are describing the trailer as a “dream-like prologue to the events of Metro Exodus.” Looks pretty spooky, and some fans are theorizing that this trailer is implying the return of an enemy type called The Dark Ones, who originally appeared in the series’ first game, Metro 2033.

Metro Exodus

There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the upcoming sequel’s switch to the Epic Games Store, and another new trailer dropped just last week as the publisher ramps up the game’s marketing leading up to release. You can also check out the download size, PC requirements, and the robust weapon customization system in the new title.

Metro Exodus hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One next Friday, February 15th. Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments!