Halo 4 Was Almost Made by Borderlands Developer Gearbox

Halo 4 Could Have Had More Guns, Cursing, Insane Shouting

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross recently opened up about some of the series’ history including the development of Halo 4, which was almost handled by the badasses behind the beloved Borderlands series!

Halo 4 Feature

In a recent interview with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, Ross explained the story behind the founding of 343 Industries following Bungie’s split from Microsoft, who had been considering handing the series over to an external studio. The Forerunner – I mean, frontrunner – for the job was Gearbox Software, who had previously ported the series’ first installment, Combat Evolved, to PC.

In our reality, Halo has a place close to Bonnie’s heart, so she decided to set up 343 Industries to keep the franchise close to home. In another universe, the current iteration of the Halo franchise could be something entirely different – Master Chief would be covered in Graffiti, Grunts and Elites would shout wacky obscenities at you as you mow them down in a similarly graffiti’d Warthog, and Cortana would be Angel (cause let’s face it, they’re already a 70% match). Full disclosure, I’d totally play that – everything is better with punk influences.

Looks like the Halo hype train is pulling out of the station smoothly as we’ve been hearing more about the franchise since the reveal of Halo Infinite back at E3 2018, and the developer’s insistence that it’s a full fledged official entry in the series, as well as the recent statement regarding the game’s development cycle.

Halo 4 (and 5, and the rest of them through the Master Chief Collection) are currently available on Xbox One through Game Pass. Let us know what you think in the comments!