‘Halo Infinite’ Unveiled Today, the Latest in the Shooter Franchise

Xbox Kicks off Their e3 Conference With Their Flagship Series

We all suspected it would happen, and it has finally happened. Microsoft has revealed the next installment of their beloved Halo franchise at E3 2018. Interestingly enough, it is not called Halo 6. Nevertheless, everyone can breathe easy now knowing there’s another game in the works. The gaming giant kicked off their presser with an all-new trailer (see below.)

For starters, the next iteration of Halo is calledĀ Halo: Infinite. Players will get to see an all-new installation, and this one seems to be filled to the brim with wildlife. Furthermore, judging by the latest footage, Master Chief will make a return. And he will make a return in stunning fashion, thanks to an updated game engine, the so-called “SlipSpace” Engine. The franchise appears to receive a major upgrade. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the narrative soon. See the new engine in all its glory below.

Kudos to Microsoft for a Strong E3 kick off. Unfortunately, there was no release date mention. This is an unfolding story, and we’ll bring you up to speed on additional details regardingĀ Halo InfiniteĀ as it arrives.