Dead or Alive 6 Demo Goes Live on PS4 and Xbox One

Let’s Rumble!

Despite the game’s launch being pushed back to March 1st, the Dead or Alive 6 Demo has gone live for players to get their first fix.

Players will need to be subscribed to Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to get the full benefit of the two-day demo. For 48 hours, you’ll have access to the full 24 character roster and be able to dip your toes into the game’s story mode. The biggest draw though, is that you’ll be able to participate in ranked online matches, although Koei Temco has gone on record to say the demo’s online functionality is limited compared to what we’ll see in the full game. If you’d rather just train, you can do that as well.

Dead or Alive 6 got caught up in some controversy recently, after some risque behaviour during an EVO Japan livestream – but all publicity is good publicity right?

I’m going to give the demo a try over the weekend, but I haven’t been into the Dead or Alive series in a while, despite it being one of my first fighting games. I’ll always have a soft spot for Kasumi though, so if I have fun with the demo I may have Dead or Alive back to my fighting game rotation.