Anthem’s 2019 Roadmap Revealed

Anthem Is Getting New Content in the Coming Months

The first four months of the content roadmap for Anthem were revealed on Friday and it includes quality-of-life fixes, more freeplay events, and more.


Here’s a full rundown of what the roadmap includes:

February 2019 (Launch)

  • Three new freeplay events

March 2019 (Evolving World)

  • Elysian Stronghold caches
  • New reward items
  • Legendary Missions – Phase I
  • Four freeplay events

April 2019 (Stronger Together)

  • The Mastery System
  • New reward items
  • Seven freeplay events
  • New stronghold, The Sunken
  • Three new social play features: Weekly Stronghold Challenges, Leaderboards, and Guilds
  • Legendary Missions – Phase II

May 2019 (The Cataclysm)

  • New freeplay event
  • New missions
  • New reward items

The above only covers Act 1 of the roadmap. Act 2 and 3 of the roadmap will be revealed at a later time.


If you’re interested in getting Anthem then you should read our review before buying the game.

“Despite Anthem’s very noticeable hiccups, there’s enough of a solid groundwork here that I think Anthem can be built off of into something unique,” the review’s author wrote. “Sadly, it falls into the same shortcomings as its predecessors, featuring a minimal endgame and some almost obtuse design choices.”

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