Leon Kennedy’s Lightning Hawk is now a Resident Evil 2 Airsoft Gun

Careful, Leon. You’ll Shoot your Eye Out with that Thing

The Resident Evil series is known for a few things: zombies, guns, and punching boulders. Since merchandising zombie toys is kind of boring, and a punchable-boulder isn’t exactly possible, Capcom is coming out with airsoft guns. Well, airsoft gun singular. Since the Resident Evil 2 remake just came out this month, now is a perfect time to capitalize on that. The Reisdent Evil 2 airsoft gun Leon’s Lightning Hawk will soon be available for purchase. Cue the 2019 remake of A Christmas Story. “What do you want for Christmas, Ralphie?” “I want the Leon Kennedy 10″ Barrel Lightning Hawk Gas Blow Back Series Airsoft Gun.” “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”

Resident Evil 2 Airsoft Gun

Let’s break down the details of the gun. It comes with interchangeable barrels and twenty-seven bullets. The matching stainless steel one is 6″ and the black one is 10″. All parts come in a wooden box, as seen in the game, with a latch to secure it. Inside the box, there is also a copy of Survive Magazine. It is sold by Japanese manufacturer Tokyo Mauri. The price has not yet been listed, and it will be available sometime “after April 2019.” More specifications can be seen on the Japanese Capcom website.

The Lightning Hawk is not the first Resident Evil gun Tokyo Mauri has made into an airsoft. The Umbrella Corporation weapons Samurai Edge and Ablert W. models will soon be joined by the Lightning Hawk. It’s a limited item, so when it comes out, don’t sit on your hands. It might not ship to North America though. Here’s to hoping.

Does this airsoft gun catch your eye? Hopefully it won’t catch too much of it. Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Capcom