Resident Evil 2 ‘1-Shot’ Demo Drops This Week

You Only Get 1 Shot, Do Not Miss Your Chance to Blow Some Zombie Brains Out

Capcom has confirmed the rumored Resident Evil 2 limited-time demo and it will be coming to PC and consoles later this week.

The demo will be available from this Friday, January 11th to the 31st and feature similar content to those shown at trade shows and conventions over the past few months. Players get one chance and thirty minutes to help a young and very, very handsome Leon Kennedy make his way through the Raccoon City Police Department. Players can die as often as they’d like (or not like, depending on how much you actually want to get done), but once the 30 minutes is up, the demo is done.

Whether you finish the demo or not, you’ll be treated to a brand-new trailer “exclusive to the demo,” or at least until someone puts it on YouTube.

Resident Evil 2 hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this month on January 25th. In other REcent news, some new weapons were shown off last month along with a look at everyone’s femme fatale, Ada Wong. Let us know if you’ll be checking out the demo in the comments!

SOURCE: Capcom