Suspicious Trademark Filing May Reveal the Next Elder Scrolls Title

Elder Scrolls VI Might Have Two Playable Regions

It’s the game we “just keep asking about,” the next Elder Scrolls in the series. ZeniMax, who owns every studio under the Bethesda banner, recently filed a trademark for a property under the name “Redfall.” The filing lists it as “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles,” which could imply the name for the next mainline Elder Scrolls. Rumors have already begun to circulate.

You might be wondering what the name “Redfall” has to do with anything. The world of Elder Scrolls does include a country by the name of Hammerfell, whose population are the self-proclaimed Redguard… but the words don’t mesh perfectly. Well, as was pointed out in one subreddit, the title could be a mesh of the names Redguard and Daggerfall. Daggerfall is the region in High Rock that borders Hammerfell, a fact that would definitely justify a new installment in which areas are explorable. Hence, the name would make perfect sense—not to mention how every entry uses a one-word subtitle.

In the end, Redfall sounds like a compound word that Bethesda conjured so they could create a game with two regions yet maintain the simplicity of the single subtitle. Farfetched? I don’t think so. Ever since Bethesda released their short teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI, however, more and more fans have agreed that the region looks like Hammerfell. Todd “The God” Howard even said that fans could pick apart the teaser and derive some clues. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment down below. There’s not much else to do while we wait another few years for the game.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: GamingBolt